We are an association of University of Messina, we are part of an international network that counts almost 100 universities of technology all around Europe. You can enter the different parts of the website by using the menu above, learn what we offer to our students, universities and companies .

About Us

BEST helps students coming from universities of technology all over Europe and push them to be more open-minded and international, in order to get a better understanding of different cultures and the ability of working together, even in such a big contest. Through events – both academical and not – BEST makes plenty of opportunities for students to meet and learn from each other, sharing their knowledge and ideas. Our association also offers exclusive services such as the international center for career, that helps students when they enter the job world.


BEST, Board of European Students of Technology, is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organization. Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.


Our priority is to offer high quality services for students from Europe and to build links between the three stakeholders of the triangle always stronger: “Students, Companies and Universities”. If you’d like to discover more, check the official website www.best.eu.org .


BEST offers different opportunities to students and to the active organization’s members. The main idea is to travel and to meet new realities, to challenge people to exit from their confort zone and live a more complete experience during their path through university.


Events aimed to increase the participants’ knowledge on a technical-scientific topic. Each LBG can organize an external event within four seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn). The organizers have to provide participants free accommodation, food, local transport, social and educational activities program, company visits and at the end of the course, evaluate the students with an exam.

Italian General Meeting

The Italian General Meeting is organized by the cooperation of the six BEST Italian groups. From the collaboration between the different local groups, the event aims to identify new promotion and marketing strategies applicable to the wide range of action that the multifaceted network of the BEST network offers. The aim is to increase the professional training of students and to increase their awareness of engineering and technological education, especially in terms of international performance.


European BEST Engineering Competition is Europe’s biggest engineering competition. It’s composed by two phases:

Case Study and Team Design. Case Study: work on a real life business or engineering case provided by our partners.

Team Design: using a limited amount of materials to find a solution to a challenging engineering problem and building a device to do it.








Vincenzo La Fauci

Vincenzo La Fauci

Adnan Shatani

Adnan Shatani

Andrea Milone

Andrea Milone

Mattia Morabito

Mattia Morabito

Vice Presidente for Public Relations
Antonino Costantino

Antonino Costantino

Vice President for Human Resource